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What this tour includes:

All  the sites in the Golden Circle route; Gulfoss waterfall, Geysir hot spring, Thingvellir national park. Traditional Icelandic snacks at every stop. Three stops in the area for tasting and meals of local products. Local experience and farmhouse visit. 

The description:

Want to experience Icelandic nature and get a glimpse of both culinary and culture at the same time? Then look no further.

This tour was specially designed to introduce everything from small snacks and treats at the stops in the renowned Golden Circle, to authentic Icelandic courses at local places. We believe it is a vital part of travelling to get to know local traditions and what has more traditions than food?

First tasting of the day is Icelandic Kleina. This treat is found in Icelandic households and usually made by Mothers (Mamma) or Grandmothers (Amma). It is custom to enjoy with coffee or milk and is very traditional.

Second is the wildcard of the trip. We stop at a local place in the Eastern country side and there we will have to see which Icelandic treat we shall receive from our hosts. This stop is our lunch.

Our third tasting is at Gullfoss or the Golden waterfall. There we will have a little desert after our wildcard lunch stop. A cracker from Fron, a 90 year old biscuit factory and a Lava bite (Chocolate treat) from a local company called Goa. 

Straight after Gullfoss you will find yourself at Geysir with "Flatkaka með Hangikjöti" in your hand. This very unique Icelandic bread with smoked hung meat and butter is enjoyed at various occasions, at parties, confirmations, at work, as a lunch for school etc. 

A stop at Fridheimar, a tomato greenhouse (a greenhouse in Iceland, yes) will introduce you to a locally made bread with various tomato products and tomato juice. 

After Fridheimar, a locally made ice cream at Efstidalur farm is in order as we get the opportunity to visit the farmed animals.

Our final stop will be at Þingvellir, the final puzzle in the Golden Circle. This is where the tectonic plates meet, our parliament was founded in 930 A.D., Game of Thrones scenes were taken and you will receive Harðfiskur, a dried fish with loads of butter. For the brave we have Brennivin, the most traditional Icelandic shot and also Malt, a drink that gives energy and stamina... :)

Verði ykkur að góðu. Enjoy. Bon apetit.    


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  • Pick up 30 mins prior to departure, at any location in Reykjavik area
  • Icelandic treats and cultural experience regarding authentic local food
  • Professional tour guide 
  • Drop off, back in Reykjavik

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