How does pickup work?

Kort-v3-01 min.png

Pickup starts at 8:30 and lasts until around 9:00. We try our very best to pick up at the downtown bus stops first to limit the time you must wait outside. This is Iceland, after all.

Our vehicles all have the East West logo on the front and sides. Our driver guides always stops and gets out of the car to find you. He will not leave the pick up point unless his search for you is unsuccessful. We kindly ask you to stay alert and look out for our vehicles as a courtesy to your fellow travellers and to maximize the time you all have for your tour.

These bus stops were created by the city of Reykjavik to limit traffic of buses and larger vehicles in the sometimes narrow streets in the older parts of Reykjavik. All tour companies that operate in or from Reykjavik use these bus stops. You will get information about your bus stop when choosing your pick up location (hotel) during booking on and in your booking confirmation. If you book through online travel portals (Get Your Guide, Viator, Expedia…) we are note always able to display information about your bus stop. If you are unsure about your exact pickup location please try entering your pickup address on, contact your hotel reception or ask us directly.

We do offer pickup from any location in Reykjavik so if you’re hotel is not located close to a bus stop we will for sure pick you up at your hotel. Again, you can contact your hotel reception to make sure.

We look forward to having you!