What do I need to bring with me for a tour?

We recommend you dress according to weather. You can find the weather forecast for Iceland here. A hat and gloves are always a good idea for all tours, along with comfortable shoes.  Don't forget your camera!


Is East West a licensed tour company?

East West is a fully licensed tour company under the Icelandic Tourist Board. We abide by all rules and regulations in the tourism and travel industry.


How cold is Iceland really?

Iceland is not that cold, really. We have less temperature fluctuation between summer and winter than most countries. This means not-that-warm summers and not-that-cold winters. Temperature rarely goes below - 10°C (14°F) in winter or above 20°C (68°F) in summer. In Reykjavik we have snow for only a couple of months every winter. The highlands however are another story :) 


How is your cancellation policy?

You can read all about it here. In short, tours purchased on eastwest.is are refunded by 50% if we receive a cancellation from you 24 hours prior to departure. A refund is not available If you cancel less than 4 hrs before a tour.


Are kids welcome on tours?

Yes, we welcome kids on tours. Everyone 13 years of age or younger gets a 50% discount. If you need a booster or baby seat, contact us and we'll help.


Do you have free WiFi in your jeeps?

We'd much prefer you to smile and talk to each other on our tours. So no, we don't have WiFi in our cars but we'll let you know when we get to a good 4G connection (like on top of that glacier).